Elite Financing Program 


Elite Hair Academy offers an in-house financing program that is similar in many ways to the FAFSA program offered through the Department of Education.  Here are some of the comparisons:

  • Lower interest rates than are usually offered to younger students.  Our rates usually fall between 7.99% and 9.99%.  FAFSA Stafford loans usually have rates between 5% and 7.21%

  • Elite offers lower payments throughout the students enrollment at our academy.  After graduations payments do increase.  Stafford loans can defer payments until after graduation, but interest is acruuing during your enrollment.

  • Elite does offer discounts on our programs for students who have a qualified co-signer.  FAFSA programs offer no discounts.

  • Elite will work with students in the future if circumstances are such that the payments are unmanageable.  FAFSA programs have very little flexibility in this area.


Elite Hair Academy also accepts the G.I. Bill.

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